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Latest Release 30.0.0 – November 11th
Attain unmatched capabilities for capturing and blending real-time video and audio seamlessly. Effortlessly compose scenes by integrating various sources such as window captures, text, images, browser windows, capture cards, webcams etc.
Engaging Scenes:

Generate an endless quantity of scenes effortlessly switchable through personalized transitions.

Streamlined Settings Hub:

Access a broad spectrum of configuration parameters through the streamlined Settings Center, allowing customization of every aspect of your broadcast or recording.

Intuitive Mixer:

Immerse yourself in an intuitively designed audio mixer with filters for each source, such as noise gate, noise suppression, and gate. Exercise complete control, enhanced with VST plugin support.

Effortless Properties Configuration:

Effortlessly set up robust and user-friendly options. Integrate new sources, duplicate existing ones, and fine-tune their properties with simplicity.

Modular Docks Interface:

Use the modular ‘Docks’ user interface to customise the arrangement to your liking. Each individual Dock can be detached into its window for added adaptability.

Generous donations from sponsors and backers contribute to the realization of the OBS Studio project. Create top-quality content using OBS Studio.
Seamless Transitions:

Choose from a variety of customizable transitions for smooth scene switches or incorporate your distinctive stinger video files.

Versatile Hotkeys:

Allocate hotkeys for a variety of actions, such as switching scenes, starting /stopping streams or recordings, push-to-talk, silencing audio sources, and additional functionalities.

Comprehensive MultiView:

Make use of the OBS Studio Mode to preview scenes and sources prior to live broadcasting. your scenes and sources or create new ones to guarantee perfection before displaying to your audience.